The “Montessori┬áMethod”…

Our approach, based on the Montessori Method, recognises that each child is an individual. This is reflected in the way that the children are taught - each at their own pace, progressing from one activity to another only when they are ready.

Practical Life:

Montessori recognised that from the age of 18 months a child learns naturally through using his or her hands. “Practical life“consist simple and familiar materials which a child works with manually to help promote a sense of order, concentration, and self discipline. Through these activities, mental and physical co-ordination becomes more controlled and gross fine motor skills are developed.

Sensorial Activities:

“Sensorial activities“ are a progressive series of activities which help educate and refine each of the five senses. The sensorial activities are grouped together according to some physical quality they have in common such as shapes, size, sound, touch. Each piece of material appeals to a different sense. As the exercises become more advanced and the child’s intellect develops, one sense helps stimulate another.


The children are taught in a practical way and have the opportunity to discover and explore for themselves using specific materials which guide them through each activity. All religions and festivals are celebrated through stories, arts/crafts, song and dance, language and cuisine. There are many different nationalities from around the world so each child has opportunity to learn about other cultures and countries.

Language and Mathematics:

The method of teaching reading and writing is naturally incorporated into the Montessori curriculum. A wide variety of graded materials and exercises provides a solid foundation in each of these core subjects. The Montessori education provides the child with a deeper understanding of each subject through independent work and using practical materials in an environment that is prepared just for the child.

Reception year is special program created for children 4 to 5 years. It is based on UK curriculum and provides children great opportunity to learn and have fun in same time. Reception year is focused on Literacy, Numeracy and Topic (science). It prepares children for first grade of elementary school. Small groups provide individual approach to every child.

Extra Activities:

Music and movement, art, „show and tell“and cooking will be co-ordinate throughout the week.